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for our english-speaking guests - english only. The place to discuss any DR350 specific technical / mechanical /repair / preparation questions you like, or answer others questions if you can.
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hello, I just bought a 1999 DR350SE that had been sitting for two years. after a good cleaning and new battery I got it to run fairly well. however when it was cold or if it stalled it would not start without starting ether. as well as from about 2000rpm to 4000rpm it ran like shit and didn't seem to run smooth across all the rpm at times. I decided to buy a carb kit and rebuild / clean the carb. noticed the choke is broken during tare down but went smooth as i bought a pretty good service manual as well. but after i reinstalled it although i was able to start it without ether it is running worse. i know it is a matter of adjustment it is just my first time doing this so I am seeking help. before i started the plug ran nice and light brown now it is black so i am assuming it is rich.throttling it up from idle, if it doesn't stall is choppy at best.and it seems to be idling lower than before. i may have swapped the two small brass jets that are in the opening on the air cleaner side. the pilot jet screw should i tighten it or back it out?


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