Beta Euro 350

for our english-speaking guests - english only. The place to discuss any DR350 specific technical / mechanical /repair / preparation questions you like, or answer others questions if you can.
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Hi all, its great forum, lots of info! Its kinda hard to navigate cause of german but i will menage somehow.

Maybe you think its wrong place to ask about bike from topic but you are wrong. This Beta is powered by DR350 engine, prefix K404. Also fork is similiar with DR and rear adjustable suspension, its monoshock. This is like more enduro then a cruiser but i like it! You DR pros need to help me to indetify engine, is this real indetical to DR350 or licenced stuff? Beta is leading when we talk about trials so i dont think that they would put in their machine some chinese shit but i still wont you to see and comfirm is it orig.

Also, check the suspension, maybe this is same like DR, it looks like it.

Here is a pics of Beta so u can see detail:

So, take a look and let me know! Main thing about im confused that in Beta specs it say its 2 valve engine, but DR have 4 valves. ... ro_350.htm
And i forgot, machine is air/oil cooled!

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This bike is not very common in germany. I found none in the online marketplaces. I got some information over google on german Suzuki dealer sites. Motor is same as DR350 with 4 valves - the information on the .za site is wrong.

Here´s some specs in english:


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