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Beitrag von tomn » 06.05.2008 04:22

Hello 350 forum members, I am a new one here from San Francisco California, just purchased 1994 350SE and getting to know the bike slowly. It is my dream machine, light, air cooled, no fuel injection and proven reliability ease of maintenance. Unfortunately the bike is out of production for the last 7 years here.
I plan to ride it in the deserts of Nevada and California, the forest of Northern California and around my home. The bike is much better suited than my BMW F650GS for my skill and strength, however as I ride to my destination (I have no cars or trucks ) the bike is stressed a bit on the freeways (only way out of San Francisco is on Freeway).

I read that the DR350 has design failure: the crankshaft has a pin keeping a counter balance shaft drive gear. This pin sometimes comes loose and the counter balance shaft and the crankshaft go out of synch. This ends in engine explosion -sort of and total Kaput, could be very dangerous if the rear wheel locks up as the result.
What is your opinion and experience on this forum? Has this issue noted here? or Just the US models?

Just my bike I think but: the steering head post is about 10mm off center line and rather to the right side of the center of bike, so the front wheel and the rear wheel are not in line but off set.
Do you think this is an issue? and what could be the resulting problem?

Last issue: I am looking for Moto Detail/Louis Oil Temperature Gauge, these companies or the European dealers do not sell to the US, does anyone here have one for sale?
thanks much,

this looks to be a great board.

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Beitrag von ThomasD » 06.05.2008 09:41

Tomn: :welcome:
I closed your other topic in "Technik Allgemein" - double entries are not necessary. We should continue here in the english speaking section.

Did you find our forum in the link section of MaxZuki?

Matthias gave you a source to get an oil gauge:
Zitat (Matthias)BOX_SELECT   BOX_EXPANDCODEBOX_DIV_END-->Und zu deiner letzten Frage, schau mal hier.

Zitat (Tomn)BOX_SELECT   BOX_EXPANDCODEBOX_DIV_END-->...the steering head post is about 10mm off center line...
The frame could be twisted, you can let it be measured by a mechanic to be sure of this issue.


Beitrag von tomn » 07.05.2008 04:04

much thanks for info, I did buy e-Bay thermometer - also I realized my e-Bay was showing only local sellers only so I am now world wide e-Bay shopper!

The question about off set of steering head tube: I am interested in if you know how such misalignment affects riding. The Frame is straight, the entire head tube is off! My riding will least likely affected since I go slow and easy on both dirt and street. The bike rides straight when I take hands off! this is very good for motorbike.

Any thoughts on Crankshaft x Counter Balance shaft issue?

Since I cannot figure how to edit my sign-on name
Other bikes I ride:
BMW F650 dakar,
BMW R1200S
No cars,

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Beitrag von Ingo » 07.05.2008 07:37

Zitat (tomn 4 Mittwoch, 07.Mai 2008, 04:04 Uhr)BOX_SELECT   BOX_EXPANDCODEBOX_DIV_END-->
The question about off set of steering head tube: I am interested in if you know how such misalignment affects riding.

I suppose the misalignment what you mean is a track offset. Track offset affects the straight-running properties. Due to manufacturing tolerances there is also a track offset (on a limited scale) at new bikes...

Zitat (tomn 4 Mittwoch, 07.Mai 2008, 04:04 Uhr)BOX_SELECT   BOX_EXPANDCODEBOX_DIV_END-->Any thoughts on Crankshaft x Counter Balance shaft issue?

IMHO this is a very infrequent failure !


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