Carb Problem or not?

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Beitrag von offroad » 25.03.2008 13:27

I have a Dr 350 97 Sev. eveything is stock.the air filter is K&N typ Papper.The problem is that when the bike is accelarating at around 4.500 / 5000rmp. it will die if I dont up a gear.If I up a gear there is no problem. if I dont the bike dips its head and if I hold the accelator with out moving it the bike will pick up gradualy.This is a real pain when I am overtaking cars. If I shift gear around 4000rpm the accelaeration is not fast to overtake quickley.

Some say its an electronic limiter??.

Does any one have an idea what this can be.

The carb has been striped and cleaned still the problem is there.


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Beitrag von GEROLO » 26.03.2008 09:53


I don´t think that it is a electronic limiter.
A limiter (the name say it) limits the revs but it doesn´t stop the engine.

How exactly does the engine die?
Is it like it will get not enough fuel?
Than you have to look why.

- is the filter on the gas cock clean?
- does the tank ventilation work?
- is the float in the Carb in the right position?

hope it will help

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Beitrag von offroad » 27.03.2008 13:50

Gerolo Thanks for the reply.

the engine dies as if it is getting too much fuel.İf I keep the accelerator in the same position when it dies the engine slowly starts to pick it burns the fuel.
When it DİES it does not completly stop. but it stops accelarating / burning fuel it is as if the engine is getting toomuch fuel and is choking.

This dos not happen when the engine is above 5000 revs.

is the filter on the gas cock clean? YES
- does the tank ventilation work? yes
- is the float in the Carb in the right position? What position is the correct one?


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