stock muffler modification

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Re: stock muffler modification

Beitrag von PsychoParts » 05.04.2017 08:49

I modified my stock Muffler...but it was from the US-Model:

You have to cut the end pipe, then you find a spark arrestor who looks like i turbine. Put it away.
Also put away all stuff in the endpipe.

Then i took an old front header pipe from the DR350 ( i installed a new bigger pipe), cut it into a short part of the pipe where the bend is and welded it on the end of the muffler instead of the original pipe. You have to drill out the originaln, grind the hole until it is big enough and then insert the bigger pipe.

Now it sounds great, deeper...but not to loud. No Problems with police and technical checks every 2 years. I put some Picturs in the Tech-Faqs here.


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