Greetings 100000km 350SE

for our english-speaking guests - english only. The place to discuss any DR350 specific technical / mechanical /repair / preparation questions you like, or answer others questions if you can.
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Beitrag von Matthias » 18.10.2005 14:51

Sieht nach RM aus.
Wir sollten viel mehr nachdenken....
und das vorher.

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Beitrag von ThomasD » 18.10.2005 15:14

I think the side panels are the originals, but custom cut like Steve (Sgoeb13) did :wavey:

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Beitrag von Maria » 18.10.2005 17:28

Terve Mikko

Was last month there...nice! I saw a offroadroute from Kuusamo to Tava... (your language isn't really easy) and then from T.. to Oulu. I drove by bus and it was killing me to see that next to the street is such a good route :huh:

Hope to come next year again to your country (by bike) and may there's time for a grilled poro and a good chat.

c u
Gruss aus der Schweiz!!


Beitrag von Guest » 18.10.2005 20:53

Yes guys, i have had now for two years 02 RM panels for sharper look..

Terve Maria :uups:

So you have been here to know it is nice to be DR rider up here :rofl:
Yes there are nice trails from Kuusamo to Taivalkoski basically ten meters from the road, hope you can test them next summer :rolleyes: I have heard bad stories how strict riding is in Switzerland :huh: And poro(reindeer] is better meat in the plate than in front of your DR, they can sometimes be pain in the a up here.. :blink:

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Beitrag von darkimp » 18.10.2005 22:27

wow, thats awsome!! :clap:

I'll also make the 100'000 one day... but first i need to repair my motor (40'000km) ;)

Good Luck in Future & greetings from Switzerland
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Beitrag von PIET » 19.10.2005 01:11

I browsed through the photo gallery and all the other cool stuff :) and wondered if my DR 350 would sink in the swamp like the heavy BMW`s etc.*g*

I travelled through the smallest part of Finland this year and a couple of years before in the area of Karesuando-Enontekiö, seeing those nice pictures makes me think about taking a closer look at Finland next year :)

What about the offroad conditions? Is it only that great around your area or are there even good trails in the southern part of Finland?

@Maria vielleicht kannst du dazu auch was sagen? Willst du wirklich mit dem Motorrad anreisen oder es nur mit dem Wohnmobil mitnehmen ;)?
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Beitrag von Mikko » 19.10.2005 09:56

Southern Finland is closer to central Europe>more people,less riding chances
Northern Finland less people, lots of forest roads, in the remote areas you very rarely see another motorist or another human being :glotz:

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Beitrag von Maria » 19.10.2005 12:20

Yes, offroad ins Switzerland is :fuckyou: by :police:

Poro story :rofl: :rofl:

Hope to meet you soon :teufel:
Gruss aus der Schweiz!!


Beitrag von Mikko » 19.10.2005 20:24

Yep, i don`t know if i am alive next summer, it`s possible that i sink to a frozen lake with DR or hungry bear will eat me :P

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Beitrag von Muecke » 19.10.2005 22:49

:) :)
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