DR350 7000rpm restricter

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Beitrag von jamie » 05.07.2005 13:39

Hello does anybody know anything about the 7000rpm restricter on the dr350? I have been told it is in the cdi unit and I want to remove it any help would be much appreciated.

cheers Jamie8286,,,,,,(Maximum-Suzuki,forum)

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Beitrag von dd66 » 06.07.2005 13:57

hi jamie,
what year/model is your bike? :think: If it is in the CDI unit you will have trouble removing it because it is a seal unit and I wouldn't recommend fiddling around in there :( I have a 1993, SHC and have never been able to get it about 7,500 rpm without fear of everything shaking to pieces ;) maybe I have the same problem :think: In the early 90s the restrictor was in the carb, I will have a dig around for you to see what I can come up with, cheers carl
Have a nice day! Ride Safe : )


Beitrag von Guest » 09.07.2005 13:50

well the bike was originally a 1992 kickstart model imported from italy (this also had the restricter)and was the full enduro version with light kit fitted >I think<. then it blew up so i put a engine from a newer (stolen recoverd)electric start bike in it but the bike didnt have any numbers so im not sure.

yes you probably have got the restrictor on your bike aswell. it feels as if the bike is fully reving out at around 7000rpm but it carnt be. people i have asked say thier bikes go into the red. my bike has a dep pipe,k+n, and is jetted out so it has nothing to do with those why the bike is restricted.

thanks for the reply--------- :D


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